v0.1.1 - PNG support!!

Well, that took longer than expected! The real world and my own code seemed to be conspiring against me :-)

New in this version: 

  1. Carts in PNG format can now be loaded. 
  2. Multicart games are supported. All carts in a multicart game need to be in the same folder and with the correct names.
  3. Many compatibility fixes. Many more games that did not run or had graphical problems now work correctly.
  4. Loading screen, so you can see the cart you are loading.
  5. Better error reporting. If a game crashes the error is displayed on the screen but can also be saved to the SD card by using the "Save Error Log"  option in the pause menu. The error log is written to the same folder as the cart that caused the error. This should make it easier for users to report compatibility problems.



tac08.0.1.1.zip 387 kB
Oct 14, 2020

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Thank you again for all the hard work on this. I love it!

you are welcome, glad you are enjoying it.

Majority of games work great, but I am occasionally stumbling on one that won't load as a PNG, but does as p8. One example: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?pid=30452

Would it be helpful to let you know of any more? 


yes please, let me know of any you find like that, there may be some bugs in the PNG loader. 


Should be fixed with v0.1.2

Yeah, I think the couple of cartridges I noticed it on were older (and it looked like the bad characters error), so that probably covers it all. Thank you so much for your work on this!

Thanks for continuing to work on this!

Thank you so much for all your hard work on this! PNG loading is awesome.