tac08 v0.0.4

Just a few minor improvements: 

  • Minor API compatibility fixes - fixes a few small bugs in the rendering code. 
  •  as requested by @spidrax RG350 X & Y buttons mapped onto Pico8 buttons so that any 2 adjacent button can be used as the 2 Pico8 buttons.

This version also contains an optimistic fix (ie, I cant test it) for the screen problem when launching from simple menu. If this still does not work, tac08 writes a log file to the APPS folder. I would be grateful if someone who has this problem would post a copy of the log from when it does not work, and also a copy from when it does, so I can see what the difference is. Thanks!


tac08.0.0.4.zip 289 kB
Sep 09, 2020

Get tac08/RG350


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Just tried it on my RG350M several times and it consistently works with SimpleMenu after a cold start. I think you got it!

And thanks for adding alternate button options, I appreciate it. The controls in some games still feel backwards to me, but I'll survive :)

phew. Glad that works now, I was pretty much out of ideas after that 😌 Thanks for testing it and keeping me updated.

Also works for me. Can now use simplemenu as Default Launcher again. Thanks a lot.

Cool, good news. 👍 Thanks for letting me know.