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Thanks for the update, I'm loving it on my RG350M - no resolution issues like what was mentioned below.  I actually made a guide and video to showcase your work!

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wow that's amazing, I really appreciate all the effort you put in to this! A number a people have reported an screen size issue running under SimpleMenu, I hopefully will have a fix for that soon.

Looks and sounds now amazing... Could you make the image resolution dynamic or configurable, so it would also be fullscreen on a rg350m? On that device currently only 1 quarter of the screen is being used, I assume due to the difference in size between rg350 and rg350m ...

That's odd. I've had reports of it working on an M version. Are you running the standard firmware or custom? Its tricky to test all the variants as I only have the original model. I'll take a look at what I can do with the scaling in the code. 

I have the RG350M and have a similar issue. If I run a game straight from the emulator it fits the screen fine, but if I launch a game from SimpleMenu, it displays in the bottom-left corner of the screen. However if I exit SimpleMenu, run a game from the emulator, then go back into SimpleMenu, they launch fine after that - until I shut down again, then the problem comes back.

I can confirm, it works fine if you launch the game first from the emulator.

Thanks for this, it does seem to have an issue running from SimpleMenu, I'll look into it and hopefully have a fix soon.


can you try the version

just posted to see if that fixes the problem.

It's working great for me now, thank you very much!

One more thing while I'm here - would it be possible to add an option for an alternate control scheme that uses Y-B instead of B-A?


cool, glad that's working now, I'll build a proper release for that fix. it shouldn't be to hard to get configurable controls into that release too, stay tuned!

Are you launching the game from SimpleMenu? That does seem to be the common factor in making the screen the wrong size. 

can you try the version

just posted to see if that fixes the problem.

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I still have the same issue as before with the screen_fix_test .... Only full screen if a game is launched first from the emulator, if launched from simplemenu first, then only the left corner is being used

That's very odd, another user replied that it did fix the problem for them, I'll take a look into this further, but not having an M model its not possible to replicate it here. I'll also take a look at the SimpleMenu source code to see if there are any obvious issues there. 

Problem is also fixed when Simplemenu is not used as Default launcher after reboot. So after startup, I start Simplemenu as app and then all the Pico-8 games start ok from Simplemenu on the rg350m. Thanx again for all the good work on the emulator...

Just got my RG350M - so gonna try this :)

How did it go?

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Thank you for releasing this! It was great to play some Tiny Architect, Pinballvania, Mai Chan’s Sweet Buns and my own game on Pocket Go v2 <3

(The P8 format limitation seems OK to me, it takes a few seconds to convert PNG to P8 thanks to tab-completion. And P8 has the advantage that I was able to use a text editor to fix a bug in my game directly on the handheld!)

Hope sound can be added in the future, and some scaling options!


Just wanted to say thank you for creating this, and I can't wait for audio support! THANKS!!!

This is great! Thank you so much for this awesome work! By the way I wonder if it could run on the RG350M device.

yes it does!

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thank you so much for your hard work. Is there a Github where I can follow development/contribute? This is really great stuff.

To clarify for other prospective buyers, the potential here is awesome, but would love to get sound working.

The projects GitHub page is here: however this is an old version, I will be pushing the current codebase to it when I am happy with it, which hopefully will be soon. Keep a lookout there for updates. Thanks for your interest. 

Just to set my hopes realistically, is there any likelihood of a performance boost on RG350? Games like Dank Tomb feel like they're nearly half speed and I didn't know if this was due to hardware limitations?


Yes, I think there is a bug in the frame rate limiter, so when a game is supposed to run at 30fps and it takes more than are certain amount of time to render a frame it seems to insert an extra frame, so you end up running at 20 or 15 fps. I've been looking into it for a while now, and hopefully I'll be able to fix it.


Thanks for the new version - just gave it a try and it works great!

Compile for Pocketgo v1!  Please!


If I had one I would.

In firmware CFW 1.3.3 comes with retro8 emu.

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